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Health Education and Health Promotion

Health education is the part of healthcare, which focuses on the effects of behavioral factors on health. It initiates with healthy individuals, who are interested in the development of individual and social health criteria, helping these people expanding their lifestyles in ways that effect the improvement and maintaining of their health. Health education is a combination of learning experiences, which facilitates the voluntary acquisition of healthy behaviors, resulting in providing, preserving, and improving health. In addition, it integrates educational, structural, economical, and environmental supports to improve healthy behaviors.While health education is a responsibility of all healthcare personnel, it is rooted in a series of educational and behavioral, psychological, anthropological, social, communicative, medical and health information sciences, developing with the passing of time along with the developments made in the mentioned sciences. 

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A Report on the 22nd International Conference on Health promotion (Brazil, 2016)
Thursday, 21 September 2017
A Report on the 22nd International Conference on Health promotion (Brazil, 2016) The international conference on health promotion is one of the most... Read More...
The 9th Health Education Congress and the 2nd Health Literacy Conference
Tuesday, 24 July 2018
The Health Education and Health Promotion Department of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is proud to host the 9th National Congress on Health... Read More...
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