A Report on the 22nd International Conference on Health promotion (Brazil, 2016)

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The international conference on health promotion is one of the most important conferences on health promotion, held every three years by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). This year, the main focus of the conference was on promotion of health and equity, which was held in Curitiba, Brazil for six days. Researchers from over 60 countries across the world attended this conference, and participants demanded a review and modification of democratic mutual and coherent instructions, human rights, and the necessary situations of promoting health and equity. Final statement of this conference stressed on “equity” as a necessary prerequisite of health and an ultimate goal of health promotion, and it was announced that governments should stand against unequal health conditions.

In addition to equity in health, other science-oriented issues discussed in this conference are, as follows:
1. Ethical and cultural imperatives in interventions, which promote health and equity
2. Urban changes to make local differences, paying attention to emerging voices
3. Health in all policies and intersectional actions: innovations in theory, evaluation and researc