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Department Background

Health Education:

Health education is the part of healthcare, which focuses on the effects of behavioral factors on health. It initiates with healthy individuals, who are interested in the development of individual and social health criteria, helping these people expanding their lifestyles in ways that effect the improvement and maintaining of their health.

Health education is a combination of learning experiences, which facilitates the voluntary acquisition of healthy behaviors, resulting in providing, preserving, and improving health. In addition, it integrates educational, structural, economical, and environmental supports to improve healthy behaviors.

While health education is a responsibility of all healthcare personnel, it is rooted in a series of educational and behavioral, psychological, anthropological, social, communicative, medical and health information sciences, developing with the passing of time along with the developments made in the mentioned sciences.

Health Education Background:

Regular activities based on planning health education at the international level started after the establishment of World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, one of the founders of which was Iran.

Health education activities were initiated a long time (1951) after the establishment of health ministry of Iran, which was established in 1941, in a limited level. At first, these educations emphasized issues related to malaria eradication. Over the years, improvement of environment, compilation of educational courses and readable materials, and producing posters and bulletins gradually became a part of activities of the ministry. Health education unit of ministry of health was equipped and became more active in 1961. Eventually in 1972,health educational office was converted to health educational bureau, which became responsible for conducting missions related to health education across the country.

In early stages, promoting public health, improving the health of environment and fighting against infectious diseases were the major goals of health education, which were fulfilled by organizations fighting against tuberculosis. Along with scientific, economic, social, and cultural changes in the world, philosophy, goals, and methods of health education were altered as well.

Strategic Program

Purpose of Department of Health Education and Promotion

Given the fact that the major purpose of any health process is promotion of public health and qualities of life of society members, promoting health education to fulfill these purposes is of paramount importance. Therefore, the main goal of the department of health education and promotion is development and facilitation of educational and promotional health activities in the country to empower individuals to improve the health of themselves, as well as their families and society in line with Iran's 20-year vision plan and economic, political, social, and cultural macro plans of the country.


Department of health education and promotion has aimed to train graduated students, who are able to recognize and treat different hygiene issues, with the help of high capacity of faculty members, specialists, and enthusiasts of the field. Graduated students should also be able to improve the performance of ministry of health and treatment through appropriate research and providing reasonable and measurable solutions. They should also cooperate in programing and managing issues related to health and treatment system of the country. Transferring technologies and appropriate procedures to improve capabilities of health and treatment ministry, recognition of developmental factors and its spread through the world are some other missions of these individuals to improve health condition of a country.


Department of health education and promotion has aimed to develop its educational aspect by training members with different and relevant educational levels. In addition, it’s goal is to be regarded as one of the top educational departments of the country by training exceptional students in both scientific and ethical aspects.

Organizational Values of the Department:

Ø All members of the department believe that honesty and correct thinking are important in effective training of human resources.

Ø All colleagues are committed to appreciation of teamwork in the department.

Ø All colleagues are committed to treating students with respect and in a friendly manner.

Ø All colleagues are committed to avoiding any discrimination in educational and practical activities.

Ø All colleagues are committed to respecting management principles of the department.

Ø All colleagues are committed to fully devote themselves to training of students.

Ø All colleagues are committed to refraining from addressing other issues in addition to their administrative duties during their work hours.

Ø All colleagues are committed to collaborating with each other to fulfill the goals of the department.

Department Goals:

Educational Goals of Department:

Currently, the activities of department of health education and promotion in education section are listed, as follows:

Ø Intermittent BSc in Public Health

Ø Continuous BSc in Public Health

Ø MSc in Health Education

Research Goals of Department:

Main research goals of department of health education and promotion are performing basic, applied, and progressive research in various fields. Most of these studies are performed due to orders from various organizations to resolve different issues and provide the required information.