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In the Name of God

Head’s Speech

It is obvious that fast global changes in patterns of diseases and health have offered new perspectives in the field of health education and promotion. Given the fact that main purpose of any healthcare strategy is to improve and promote health of individuals and quality of their lives, it seems necessary to develop health education to realize this goal. Department of health education and promotion play a basic and essential role in increasing the abilities of society and preventing non-contagious diseases through training specialists in the field of behavioral modification and promotion, which is one of the most important achievements of health field, guaranteeing welfare and lifestyles in proportion to human dignity. In this regard, the department of health education and promotion recruits students in PhD and MSc educational levels. This department has aimed to use the high capacity of faculty members, potential specialists, and interested individuals to train graduates with the ability to detect and solve various health problems in order to play an effective role in change of health system for the better. Therefore, in line with Iran’s 20-year perspective document, which includes macroeconomic, political, social, and cultural development plans, the mission of this department is to empower individuals to promote the health of themselves, their families, and the society. To achieve these goals and priorities, the department, as a leading educational department in Iran, tries to fulfill this significant responsibility within the scheduled framework and with purposeful and plan-oriented approaches. These goals can only be fulfilled by the grace of the Almighty Allah and blessing of Imam Reza.